Our system was developed by a newspaper publisher, for newspaper publishers.

After many years of struggling with problems from “web” designers claiming to have an answer for our online newspaper platform needs, we called it quits. We were tired of spending large amounts of money each month on a site that always under performed.

We spent many months building our newspaper’s website from scratch. It was not easy.

After a lot of trial and error, we created an online publishing system that met our needs and thrilled our readers.

Within no time, more and more people flooded our website to get their news and information. Our new website saw more traffic in the first month than our old website saw in a year.


Because it was clean and modern, well organized, and most of all, simple to use. Our readers could quickly look at the home page and check out the headlines for the day. Quickly navigate to Sports for last night’s scores, or hop over to life to see the most recent recipes.

Current print edition advertisers were calling wondering how they could advertise on the website even before we had online rates.

Our previous website could not be easily viewed on modern technology. So one of our main goals in designing a new system was to make sure our news site could be viewed easily on any computer, smart phone or tablet. This alone quickly tripled our online viewers.

We also developed a top of the line classified ad system, business directory, and a content protecting pay-wall.

After several of our neighboring newspapers inquired about where we got our new website from, we decided it was time to share our system with other publishers.

We believe in community newspapers. We understand the constant struggle of bringing information quickly and accurately to your readers in this fast paced modern media frenzy. Our websites are designed to give you an all in one news and information source for your community.

Get started today and bring news to your readers unlike ever before!